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Born out of the frustration of not being able to find the right web-based solution for a client, we were driven to create one ourselves.

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A successful web strategy is one that you'll use. A realistic plan and a solid set of tools can keep you focused, on-message, and effective.




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  • lizardone
    Karen Kelly

    Karen got an internet-connected computer for the first time in 1998, and within 6 months had a job with the title of Webmaster, even though she was only a dangerous newbie with a copy of Front Page and a lot of nerve.  Prior to discovering her true calling, she held a wide array of jobs, from accounting to taxi driving to managing a punk rock coffee theater to working as a job coach / job developer for nonprofit service agencies, and let’s not forget selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door!  This lack of career focus has given Karen a unique perspective in web development and design, which she approaches as an enthusiastic generalist. She is obsessed with user experience and passionate about information design.  She can write marketing copy and PHP, she can vector and raster and even animate a little bit, she does CSS and WordPress and social media (sometimes in excess). She is absolutely terrible at writing her own bio, though. Just awful.

  • lizardtwo
    Chelsea Sutula

    With an ability to speak the languages of marketing and research, design, sales and operations, then synthesize information to propose frameworks for solving problems, Chelsea steers the proposal development process by understanding client requirements, conducting due diligence and providing clarity and efficiency from the very beginning of the engagement. Working with Karen throughout the coding phases, Chelsea’s background in systems modeling and process improvement with natural instincts for enhancing user experiences elevates the overall usability of any website project.

    Prior to moving to California, Chelsea was Director of Special Programs at the Industrial Designers Society of America, managing the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) as well as several other high-profile design competitions. She also strategized and executed major operational overhauls to the program, making the process of entering  and judging the awards online more streamlined than ever.  She also served as a consultant to companies such as Microsoft, Dyson and Proctor & Gamble for their own design competitions.  First at IDSA and later at RKS, Chelsea was instrumental in restructuring IDSA’s Catalyst case study program, an initiative to promote the importance and positive impact of design.

    Before discovering the design industry, Chelsea owned a successful pet care business, worked in a clinical research lab studying emotions and facial expressions, and even ran the sound booth at a concert hall! She also enjoys gourmet cooking, renovating houses and dabbling in urban gardening and native plant landscaping.

    She holds an MS in Management Science/Operations Research from Case Western Reserve University and a BA in Psychology from Northwestern University.